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Product Overview
High performance liquid chromatograph is an indispensable qualitative and quantitative tool in modern laboratory. The xpomatpoh HPLC high performance liquid chromatograph adopts a building block desig
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Parameter specification table
ProductIsocratic pumpBinary high pressure gradient pumpQuaternary low pressure gradient pump
Pump typetandem double plunger typetandem double plunger typetandem double plunger type
gradient valve

4 channels separated gradient valve, each channel could be replaced or monitored separately
Online DegassingOptional Single channel degasserOptional 2 Channels degasserStandard 4 Channels degasser
Pressure Pulsation

≤1%(@Flow rate≤5mL/min,Pressure≤4000psi)
Flow Rate Range0.001-10.000mL/min0.001-10.000mL/min0.001-10.000mL/min
Flow Rate Accuracy±0.5%(@1.000 mL/min,water)±0.5%(@1.000 mL/min,water)±0.5%(@1.000 mL/min,water)
Flow Rate PrecisionRSD≤0.06%(@1.000 mL/min,water)RSD≤0.06%(@1.000 mL/min,water)RSD≤0.06%(@1.000 mL/min,water)
Pressure Pulsation≤1%(@flow rate≤5mL/min,pressure≤4000psi)≤1%(@Flow rate≤5mL/min,Pressure≤4000psi)
Gradient Accuracy
Gradient Repeatability
Online Wash Standard ,Piston and seals protectionStandard ,Piston and seals protectionStandard ,Piston and seals protection
solvent shifting valve 2 channel solvent shifting valve which support 2 different solvents4 channel solvent shifting valve which support 4 different solvents
Size500mm × 386mm × 170mm500mm × 386mm × 254mm500mm × 386mm × 254mm

ProductAuto samplerManual injector
Volume of Sample loop2 set of standard 54 vails position racks, optional 96 & 384 wellplate
Loop volumeStandard 100μL(Optional 10μL、20μL、50μL)Standard 20μL(Optional 10μL、50μL、100μL)
Sampling Repeatabilitystandard:RSD≤0.5%;μL pick up:RSD≤1.0%
Sampling time(Support preload sample injection)could reduce to 5s
Cross Contamination<0.003%(Caffeine)
Max pressure42MPa(optional 103MPa)48MPa
Operating temperature4-80℃4-80℃
Cooling functionOptional:4-40℃ Sample temperature control and dehumidification function
Needle washing degassing modularOptional
Size500mm × 386mm × 250mm

Column oven
Temp. control modeSemiconductor temperature control, double fan air circulation
Temp. RangeAmbient+5℃-85℃;Lower than ambient 10℃-85℃
Temp Accuracy±1
Temp control precision±0.1
Size500mm × 386mm × 165mm

UV-VIS Detector
Wavelength190-900nm;(Grate:Horiba;Silicon Photocell:Hamamatsu)
Light SourceDeuterium lamp (Hamamatsu) & Tungsten lamp
Spectral Width8nm
Wavelength Accuracy±1nm
Wavelength Precision±0.1nm
Linear Range>2.5AU
Max.Sampling Rate100Hz
Flow cell light path10mm
Flow cell volume12μL
Size500mm × 386mm × 165mm
Wavelength calibrationCorrection wavelength of built-in mercury lamp
MaintenanceReplace deuterium lamp, tungsten lamp and flow cell in front

Diode Array Detector
Light SourceDeuterium lamp (Hamamatsu) & Tungsten lamp
Diode Array1024
Spectral Width1248nm
Wavelength Accuracy±1nm
Wavelength Precision±0.1nm
Noise1.2×10-5ASTMWavelength254nmBandwidth: 4 nmSlit width: 4 nmSampling rate1Hz
Linear Range2.0AU
Max.Sampling Rate100Hz
Flow cell light path10mm
Flow cell volume12μL
Wavelength calibrationBuilt in holmium glass correction wavelength
MaintenanceReplace deuterium lamp, tungsten lamp and flow cell in front

Light sourceXenon lamp
Spectral Width20nm
Wavelength Accuracy±2nm
Wavelength repeatability±0.2nm
S/NThe signal-to-noise ratio of Raman peak of water is greater than 1200(Ex=350nm,answer time1.5sec)
Flow cell volume12μL
Flow cell pressure2MPa
Flow cell materialSUS 316L , PTFE , quartz
Delay volume before flow cell15μL
Delay volume after flow cell16μL
Multiple wavelength200-650nm (wavelength range) and supports 2-wavelength simultaneous scanning mode of 0.5sec/per wavelength
Sensitivity: 3 grades setting HIGH, MED, LOW(×1,×32,×1024)
Gain3 grades setting:×1,×4,×16
AnswerTime constant: 11grades can be set (no filtering, 0.05, 0.1, 0.5, 2, 3, 6, 8, 10)
Spectrum scanSupport pump stop scanning, save background data and output data deducting background
Scanning speed24,120,600,3000nm/min (Step 1nm)
Outputtwo modes are optional: analog output and digital signal output (10mV); Ch1 and CH2 are optional (only in dual wavelength mode); Output range can be set (only under digital output)
Light source working time monitoring functionit can record up to 9999.9 hours
Working environment humidity20-85% (non condensing)
PowerAC 220-240V  400VA   50/60Hz

 Analysis methodRefraction method
 Reflective range1.00~1.75
Noise≤2.5nRIU(Pure water, answer1.5s)
Auto zeroing adjustmentfully automatic zeroing (Optics + calculation)
Offset range0-10 μ RIU (resolution50nriu)
Auto zeroFull range
Integrator output0-1V/FS(sensitivity2mV/μRIU,8mV/μRIU)
 Recorder output0-10mV
 Other output(1) Preparation (2) Solution leakage (3) Error (overheating zero glass center position optical balance error parameter loss low energy intensity) (contact capacityDC24V 0.1amax)
Temperature controloff, 30-50 ℃ (increasing range 1 ℃) Thermal resistance wire 77 ℃
Flow cell2 chamber
Flow cell volume8μL
SpeedStandard0.2 ~ 3.0mL/minMax10mL/min(with water)
Max pressure50kPa
 Dead volumeIN-Cell60μL Cell-OUT600μL
 PowerAC 100V-240V±10%,50Hz/60Hz,150VA max

TemperatureAmbient to 130℃
Temp control accuracy±1℃
 GasNitrogen or air
Gas input pressure2bar-5bar
Gas pressure testing precision0.01bar
 Gas flow rate1L/min -4L/min
 Gas flow rate accuracy≤1% 或 0.02L/min
Liquid flow rate10μL/min-3mL/min
 Light source650nm semiconductor laser
 Detection element photomultiplier tube
 Baseline noise<0.05 mV(1.0 mL/min 100% Methanol, evaporation temperature 35 ℃, gas flow 3.0 L / min)
 Drift<1.0 mV/30 min(1.0 mL/min 100% Methanol, evaporation temperature 35 ℃, gas flow 3.0 L / min)
Minimum detection limit < 5.0 × Cholesterol solution in 10-6 g / ml methanol (1.0 ml / min methanol, evaporation temperature 35 ℃, gas flow 3.0 L / min)
Typical quantitative range0.1μg-30μg
 Quantitative repeatability RSD≤3.0%
Signal output0-1 V DC
PC interfaceRS232
 Working conditionAmbient 15-40℃  Humidity<90%

The workstation adopts database to save chromatographic data, and has the function of complete backup and restore of database, which is safe and reliable.
With multi-level user authority management and audit tracking function, it meets the requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part 11 / GMP / GLP and other regulations.
It has powerful data processing function, provides 25 integral events and 3 quantitative calculation methods, and supports the calculation of noise and drift; The sample content is calculated automatically by establishing the calibration curve.
The workstation has friendly interface, simple layout of each functional area and convenient operation; Built in standard method, which can be retrieved and used directly
Report editing is convenient, with built-in multiple templates, and supports flexible editing and saving of new templates. Click to output customized reports

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