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  • As a Chinese subsidiary brand of BIKAI Corporation, Japan. UVTech focus on technology in the fields of QC education, research and development, medical treatment, and biochemical analysis instrument manufacturing and services. We are committed to promoting and showcasing high-quality experimental instruments to the world, and providing competitive products for the international market. We combine Japan's technological advantages with China's manufacturing advantages, with the mission of contributing to human health and safety, and strive to become a world-class professional supplier of chromatographic instruments, making them affordable and usable.


    UVTech adheres to a combination of comprehensive internationalization, innovative applications, and customer customization, integrating the automation and intelligence of scientific instruments. Produce leading UHPLC-MS core products for applications in chemical analysis, life sciences, precision medicine, clinical testing, and other scenarios. We provide customers with a variety of leading and reliable instruments, consumables, and their substitutes, aiming to create value for customers by improving efficiency and reducing analysis costs.


    UVTech is customer-oriented, constantly updating its products and providing competitive, high-quality, and reliable products, solutions, and services. We embrace cooperation with business partners and continue to create value for our customers.

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  • UVTech vision: Universal Vision and Technology for Chromatography

    Our mission is be a supplier of choice to our customers and to manufacture our products through modern practices in a sustainable and user friendly manner.

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    Add: 2nd Floor, Building 3, No. 1 Chaoqian Rd, Changping, Beijing, China PRC.


    MAIL: info@uvtech-cc.com

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